dreamstime_xxl_13819999 (1)The United States economy recognizes that robust competition is beneficial for everyone. Proprietary information and trade secrets are often significant assets for businesses, stakeholders, inventors, artisans, and individuals.

Unfair Competition And Trade Secret Misappropriation Can Take Many Forms

Intellectual property is frequently thought of as the focus of trade secret litigation. However, there are many ways an individual or business can suffer significant financial harm due to unfair trade practices or unfair competition. Inventors oftentimes feel at the mercy of big business in bringing a product to market. Individuals with a unique business plan may need to consult with bankers and financial professionals to promote a business idea.

For instance, an investor seeking to purchase a commercial entity or an oil field may have a unique plan to accomplish the transaction. Would it be fair for a banker to use the investor’s plan for his or her own personal gain in buying the oil field? Similarly, an inventor with an idea may align with a manufacturing and distribution company to place a product on the market. If the manufacturer decides to place its own label on the inventor’s product, the loss of profits and access to the marketplace can be devastating.

Antitrust Laws Breed Fair Competition

Trade secret and unfair competition litigation are high-stakes matters. If you have suffered financial harm due to misappropriation of your product, formula or business ideas, our legal team of trusted lawyers has the resources and experience to vindicate your rights. We thoroughly prepare each case we handle to build a position of strength starting on day one. We leverage that strength in all forms of dispute resolution to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Unfair competition involving deceptive practices is a complex matter. It is critical that your lawyer knows how to build a compelling case to achieve results. With 25 years of experience in high-stakes litigation, the Andry Law Group, L.L.C., professional attorneys at law in New Orleans, is well positioned to fight for your rights and maximize the compensation you are entitled to receive under the law.

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