1. When He Makes A Promise, He Keeps It

    It took me nearly two months after my settlement to compose myself enough to explain what the incomparable Jon Andry did for me. When I hired him I was in critical condition. I had been in a horrible car crash when Jon Andry had been my attorney on another legal case at the time so I called and asked him to come see me at the hospital.   I had 3 bones broken in my back, 5 pinched nerves, 2 bulging disc in my neck, a broken arm and wrist, bot…Read More

  2. Compassionate And Caring

    On the morning of October 10th 2010 my whole families life changed. This is the day that I had taken my oldest daughter HTR [name protected] to the doctor for a simple cold and they had told me that she was at the age to get the Gardisil shot. I had put them off for 2 years while I did the research on the shot, cancer runs in my family so I had come to the decision that if  I could possible prevent my daughters from getting it then I would do H…Read More

    Mother of HTR