Compassionate And Caring

On the morning of October 10th 2010 my whole families life changed. This is the day that I had taken my oldest daughter HTR [name protected] to the doctor for a simple cold and they had told me that she was at the age to get the Gardisil shot. I had put them off for 2 years while I did the research on the shot, cancer runs in my family so I had come to the decision that if  I could possible prevent my daughters from getting it then I would do HTR’s shot this day and then when her sister was old enough I would get it for her. We got the shot and went on about our business for the week. My in-laws were coming in from New York to see our new house here in Arkansas for the weekend. Things went well til we woke up Sunday for church and HTR said “mom, My right leg is tingling like it is asleep?” I thought she had slept on it wrong or something so I told her to just sit for a minute and I would be right back. I came back about 5 minutes later and now she couldn’t feel her right leg at all and left side was going numb. I called for my husband to help me with her and I got her in the car and we went to the closest hospital to us. After an hour or so, the doctor said they were going to send us to childrens hospital by ambulance. Within 5 minutes we were on our way with lights and sirens so I knew it was very serious. Once we got to childrens hospital the head Neurologist came in and sent us straight to MRI. I remember very clearly that I was sitting at the head of the MRI table and I was rubbing HTR’s head cause it calmed her down, she had never been a sick child so all this was new to her. I kept reassuring her that everything was going to be okay. When we finally got the results the doctor said it was Transverse Myletsis which is an attack of the spinal cord, this caused the paralysis. We started the high dose Steroids, IVIG and did Plasmapharsis within the first 2 weeks at the hospital. HTR went from a vibrant 11 year old to a child paralysed from waist down. They CDC and vaccination board were called in to do test on her, the test revealed that the TM was caused by the Gardisil shot. After 12 weeks in Arkansas Childrens Hospital and lots of sleepless nights for this momma and days filled with me pushing her to remember that God put her on this earth for a reason and I wasn’t going to let her give up. We got the okay to go home on the week of Thanksgiving 2010 and started adjusting things with HTR. After the beginning of the year I slowly got HTR back in school and I got back to work and school myself. My cousin that is a nurse and worked for the law firm called me and we talked about trying to get some kind of life care plan for HTR, this is where I met John Andry. He was so compassionate and caring, he never treated us like we were just another case to him. He put long hours and lots of sweat and tears into HTR’s case. We finally got it all worked out after many years and going in front of the federal courts, we got a life care plan set up for HTR that will help her for the rest of her life to change the things that need to be changed. She is now a senior in High School and driving herself around and very active in the school. I can never express the gratitude that we owe everyone that worked on this case.

Mother of HTR