1. Consider Legal Action For Table Saw Accidents

    Summer is just about a month away, which means homeowners around the country are gearing up for a season full of remodeling projects. Sure, you can remodel any time of the year, but many people choose to do it during the summer because exterior projects are easier to complete with great weather and many hours of daylight. Interior projects are fun to complete during the su…Read More

  2. Alert Your Landlord Of Dangerous Conditions Before It’s Too Late

    If you’re looking for free legal advice about what you can do to make sure your landlord helps properly take care of your property, then you’re in the right place. A landlord is obligated to make sure the property is safe and livable for all tenants. Safety should be the number one concern because unsafe conditions can lead to a personal injury. If the injury occurs be…Read More

  3. How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Case

    Once you've decided that you want to move forward with legal action, it's time to find a lawyer. With over 1.2 million lawyers in the United States, though, it can feel overwhelming when you start to search for the right one. Lousiana alone has more than 19,000 lawyers. So how do you find the right lawyer in New Orleans for your case? These tips will help you narrow down t…Read More

  4. Preparing For The Mental Battle Of Going Through Trial

    Facing a legal case can prove to be overwhelming for many people. Feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and general unrest are normal reactions to an approaching court date. It is hard to know exactly what to expect from your trial and there are no guarantees of the outcome, no matter how much you and your attorney have prepared for what’s ahead. While you should begin by hi…Read More

  5. What To Do When Insurance Won’t Pay

    Although we never want to face the unfortunate event of being in an accident, suffering from an injury, or experiencing any other catastrophic event that requires filing an insurance claim, the reality is this situation can happen to anyone. Not only can the injury or incident be stressful, the act of filing the claim and attempting to get your fair payment can be stressfu…Read More

  6. Three Reasons To Be Upfront And Honest With Your Lawyer

    Whether you are taking part in a class action lawsuit, or you are contacting a trusted attorney at our law office for a personal injury lawsuit, one thing remains true: you need to be honest with your lawyer. It can be tempting to bend the truth, leave out key facts, or tell your story the way you think will benefit you most. However, not being 100 percent honest with your…Read More

  7. The Importance of a Trusted Attorney in Environmental Law

    Cutting through the Cacophony: Experience The Andry Law Group Difference Americans’ opinions and beliefs concerning environmental law and issues have changed course over the last few decades, with spikes and plummets in favorability towards environmental law and regulation. However, while holding strong opinions and beliefs is a cornerstone of the American social landsca…Read More

  8. Is it Time for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    Have you Experienced a Personal Injury at Work? When you’re on the clock, you work hard. And your workplace should afford the safest conditions possible for you to properly execute your responsibilities. Sometimes, working conditions are neglected by those on whom you rely to keep you safe on the job. The results of a hazardous work environment can be disastrous for not …Read More

  9. Jonathan Andry At Andry Law Group Offers Free Initial Consultation

    Are you looking for a lawyer in the Gulf South with a free consultation? You’re in the right place! [VIDEO] Andry Law Group has been fighting on behalf of citizens’ rights for decades. What began as a law firm owned by Gilbert Andry has now passed down to his son, Jonathan Andry. Andry Law Group is located in New Orleans, but the team supports and serves the entire Gul…Read More

  10. What Does A Lawyer Do?

    A lawyer. Well, there’s law in the name, so it’s safe to assume that a lawyer has something to do with the law. In fact, a lawyer is defined by Merriam-Webster as “one whose profession is to conduct lawsuits for clients or to advise as to legal rights and obligations in other matters.” So, yes, a lawyer does have something to do with the law! When it comes to findi…Read More