1. What Does Mass Tort Law Mean?

    Mass tort law is a collection of civil lawsuits together fighting a bigger cause. Instead of each individual bringing a personal case to the court about the same issue as a large group of people are facing, the individuals can come together to form a class action and pursue through mass tort litigation. Mass torts can be presented on a local, regional, or national level. T…Read More

  2. Why Are Drugs Recalled?

    Drugs can be recalled for a variety of reasons. Drug companies can voluntarily recall a prescription or over-the-counter drug if they find a problem with it. Other recalls happen because they are proven to be defective or possibly harmful. No matter the cause of the recall, you should immediately stop taking the drug if it has been recalled and connect with your physician …Read More

  3. Do You Know What These Personal Injury Legal Terms Mean?

    Are you working with a tort or personal injury lawyer in New Orleans? Sometimes you'll hear a legal term that you might not understand. This "legalese" is just the language of lawyers; don't ever be afraid to ask your legal representative to define a word or term they use that you don't fully understand. It's important that you know what's going on with your case! In an ef…Read More

  4. Choosing a Class Action Lawyer

    When your health, property, or family’s well-being is on the line and you think that a mass tort or class action lawsuit may be your best course of action, where do you turn to for advice? A good lawyer, that’s who. Jonathan Andry is trusted by litigants throughout the Southern United States. He and his team at Andry Law Group are litigation experts. That’s all they …Read More

  5. Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Legal Case

    No matter what kind of legal battle you are facing, you’ll want to carefully consider your use of any type of social media platform while your case is active. Jonathan Andry and the team at Andry Law Group work with each of their clients to make sure everything they are doing in their personal lives, including their use of social media, has no negative impact on their ca…Read More

  6. I’ve Been Injured. Can I File a Lawsuit?

    There’s no cut-and-dry answer to that question. Give Jonathan Andry at Andry Law Group a call and we’ll figure it out together. With more than 20 years experience defending the rights of his clients, if you do decide to file a lawsuit, Jonathan is uniquely qualified to help. Sometimes people just get injured and no one is at fault. Very often, however, when serious inj…Read More

  7. Why Slip And Fall Cases Are More Serious Than You May First Think

    Slipping and falling is an extremely common accident in the US, sending millions of people to the emergency room each year. If you have recently slipped on someone’s property and fallen, you might be facing a more serious situation than you first realized. While some people get lucky and walk away from a fall with little-to-no injuries, slip and fall accidents can, in so…Read More

  8. 3 Questions Every Personal Injury Lawyer Should Be Able To Answer

    Suffering from an accident that leaves you or a loved one injured is an unnerving experience. Not only do you often need to seek medical attention immediately, you also need to contact a personal injury lawyer right away to help you fight for the compensation you or your loved one deserves. Staring down piles of medical bills can leave you with a sinking feeling that there…Read More

  9. Safety Tips To Avoid A Motorcycle Wreck

    Whether you have been riding for years or you are a proud new owner of a motorcycle, it is always a good idea to review some basic safety tips for riding. Motorcycle wrecks are particularly dangerous, as you are not afforded the same protection as those encased in a solid vehicle. If you have recently been in a motorcycle wreck and you need assistance building a personal i…Read More

  10. Jonathan Andry & Father Work On MRGO Case

    If you have lived in New Orleans for some time, you may remember MRGO, the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. “Mr. Go” also became unaffectionately known as Hurricane Highway because this man-made creation was essentially a pathway for weather-caused destruction. Watch the Insider Exclusive video about father and son legal duo Gilbert and John Andry and the MRGO case. The …Read More