1. [FAQ] Things To Ask An Experienced Lawyer

    Do you have legal questions? Andry Law Group is a team full of lawyers in New Orleans who are experienced in personal injury law, mass tort litigation, trade secret law, environmental law, oil and gas royalties litigation, and class action litigation. With any case, we offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions and help you find the right legal solution to …Read More

  2. Andry Law Group: Trusted Trade Secret Lawyers in New Orleans

    Trade secrets can make or break an entrepreneur. Ideally, they make each business person into a huge success because your new idea changes the world! However, there are many steps between idea conception and said success where the trade secret can be stolen and abused. If you believe you are alone in a trade secret debacle, think again. Andry Law Group has a team of truste…Read More

  3. Are A Lawyer And Attorney The Same Thing? Law Jargon Explained.

    How many times have you tried to research your legal problem only to be distracted by what appears to be a foreign language? Really it’s just a collection of legal terms that aren’t used in a typical daily vocabulary, but it can look foreign! I remember when I was first hanging around Andry Law Group with my dad; I would constantly have a dictionary open on my desk or …Read More

  4. How To Mentally Prepare For Your First Day In Court

    Court is a place many people experience differently. Most of the experience is derived from the cause of going to court. Those who have committed a crime are most likely anxious or worried about the day’s results, and those who are the victim of a crime may feel afraid or sad to relive those experiences through the trial. Then again, there will be people in the court on …Read More

  5. Jonathan Andry Offers Free Legal Advice In New Orleans

    Jonathan Andry Leads Andry Law Group in New Orleans For many decades the Andry Law Group has served the residents of the New Orleans parish. From personal injury cases to class action lawsuits about product liability to the big environmental impacts in the area, Andry Law Group passionately pursues defending the people involved in these legal issues. The legal world can be…Read More

  6. Jonathan Andry Is A Passionate Lawyer In New Orleans

    Lawyer (n): a person who studies or practices law; a counselor, an attorney. The definition is simple and straightforward, yet in the large picture, there doesn’t seem to be anything simple or straightforward about many lawyers. Jonathan Andry is a different story. As a lawyer in New Orleans, not only does Jonathan Andry support victims, their families, and their legal r…Read More

  7. Jonathan Andry: A Trusted PI Lawyer In New Orleans

    It can be difficult to find a lawyer in New Orleans who can help you navigate the qualms of the legal world. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of advertisements on TV for lawyers who want your case. You may have heard ads on the radio or seen photos on the local bus stop of lawyers who seem to be working in the industry in which you currently find yourself. But, how do you k…Read More

  8. Welcome To Andry Law Group’s New Blog

    Andry Law Group has recently launched a new website and is excited to welcome all new visitors to the site and our company. Led by trusted lawyer Jonathan Andry in the footsteps of his father, Andry Law Group has been practicing law for decades in the New Orleans region of Louisiana. Our blog will serve as a resource for people who need legal services, a platform for us to…Read More