1. Are You And Other Employees Facing Discrimination?

    Do you think you may be facing employee discrimination in your workplace? We may be able to help you find out. What Is Employment Discrimination? Employment discrimination is when an employee or group of employees are treated unequally because of a “protected characteristic”. Protected characteristics, such as race, gender, gender identity, religion, age, sexual orient…Read More

  2. What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

    When a group of people suffer an injury, illness or injustice all caused by the same company, product, or action, defendants may form a group. The group is referred to as the class. Together, this group files a class-action or mass-tort lawsuit. Typically a mass tort is formed when a group of people in the same geographic area band together as a group. A class action inclu…Read More

  3. Mass Tort Vs. Class Action Lawsuits

    Class action lawsuits and mass tort lawsuits seem to go hand in hand. It seems like whenever you hear class action you also hear mass tort. This is likely because there are quite a few notable similarities, but there are also some differences that can help you determine which type of lawsuit can be best for your situation. For example, both class action lawsuits and mass t…Read More

  4. Food Poisoning: Are Restaurants Or Manufacturers To Blame?

    Have you been poisoned by a wide-spread food-borne illness? If you have, you can join the ranks of more than 48,000,000 people who experience food poisoning each year. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 48,000,000 people get sick from food poisoning annually, with 128,000 folks being hospitalized and 3,000 people dying. It is safe to say tha…Read More

  5. Want to File a Class Action Lawsuit? Call Jonathan Andry

    Whether you find the need to file a class action lawsuit in New Orleans on your own or you would like to join and participate in a current class action lawsuit, Jonathan Andry is your trusted, local lawyer for the job. He can help you through the many steps of a class action lawsuit as you take on the bad guys and find justice along the way. This is not going to be easy, s…Read More