dreamstime_17579714Tens of thousands of people suffer injuries every year while using a table saw – most of the injuries are preventable with known technology. A table saw accident can be catastrophic. Victims suffer amputations, fractures, deep damage to bones in the arm, nerve problems and significant loss of function. A severed artery can be fatal.

Despite the high volume of serious personal injury related to table saws, the power tool industry is dragging its heels in using existing technology to significantly reduce or eliminate these horrific experiences for users of table saws. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that roughly 67,300 people suffer some level of blade contact injury each year with nearly 40,000 victims requiring a trip to the emergency room. The estimated medical costs far exceed $2 billion each year.

Technology has existed for more than a decade that can detect when human flesh comes too close to the moving blade and will stop the saw from cutting deep into the flesh. Many woodworkers and carpenters could be kept safe from injury if the power tool industry were to include the SawStop technology. However, the table saw industry refuses to include the safety device on table saws, essentially as a business decision over the relatively small cost of adding the safety device.

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Andry Law Group, L.L.C., in New Orleans, led by Jonathan B. Andry, has served as the voice of the community for many years in taking on big business. We believe that consumer safety is a valued concern. If you or a family member has suffered horrific injuries using a table saw, we are fully-prepared to help you take on the table saw manufacturer that failed to adopt a simple, existing solution to prevent your injuries.

We will fully evaluate the extent of your serious injuries, the costs you have incurred, future treatment you may need to recover physically, and the comprehensive damages you have suffered. Our goals in holding wrongdoers accountable for the harm they cause are aimed at maximizing compensation for our clients and seeking justice.

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