environmental law1Recognized for effective representation in regulatory matters, litigation, and environmental auditing, the Andry Law Group pursues environmental law claims across the United States.

Our experienced attorneys at law¬†follow a methodical approach in the handling of environmental cases by aggressively pursuing viable claims as well as creative settlement options. Recent litigation involves the representation of one of the co-owners in a suit against Fina Oil and Chemical Company pertaining to land contamination that resulted from the disposal of hazardous paint waste. During the course of the litigation, Fina’s lead counsel was cited for contempt for the destruction of environmental audit documents sought by plaintiffs during discovery.

The Andry Law Group‘s experienced lawyer stands up against Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, and corporate entities. We also assist clients in air contamination, wetlands issues, hazardous and solid waste concerns, petroleum storage, and local industrial discharge authorizations to ensure full environmental law compliance.