1. Advice For Actions Following A Car Accident

    A car accident can be life changing, especially if the damages are those comparable to nightmares. First and foremost, our law firm wants to make sure you or your loved one is on a healing path. If it was a worst case scenario and the accident resulted in death, we are very sorry for your loss and pass along our condolences. Despite your connection to a recent car accident…Read More

  2. Mass Tort Vs. Class Action Lawsuits

    Class action lawsuits and mass tort lawsuits seem to go hand in hand. It seems like whenever you hear class action you also hear mass tort. This is likely because there are quite a few notable similarities, but there are also some differences that can help you determine which type of lawsuit can be best for your situation. For example, both class action lawsuits and mass t…Read More

  3. Jonathan Andry At Andry Law Group Offers Free Initial Consultation

    Are you looking for a lawyer in the Gulf South with a free consultation? You’re in the right place! [VIDEO] Andry Law Group has been fighting on behalf of citizens’ rights for decades. What began as a law firm owned by Gilbert Andry has now passed down to his son, Jonathan Andry. Andry Law Group is located in New Orleans, but the team supports and serves the entire Gul…Read More

  4. What Does A Lawyer Do?

    A lawyer. Well, there’s law in the name, so it’s safe to assume that a lawyer has something to do with the law. In fact, a lawyer is defined by Merriam-Webster as “one whose profession is to conduct lawsuits for clients or to advise as to legal rights and obligations in other matters.” So, yes, a lawyer does have something to do with the law! When it comes to findi…Read More

  5. Jonathan Andry & Father Work On MRGO Case

    If you have lived in New Orleans for some time, you may remember MRGO, the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet. “Mr. Go” also became unaffectionately known as Hurricane Highway because this man-made creation was essentially a pathway for weather-caused destruction. Watch the Insider Exclusive video about father and son legal duo Gilbert and John Andry and the MRGO case. The …Read More

  6. Food Poisoning: Are Restaurants Or Manufacturers To Blame?

    Have you been poisoned by a wide-spread food-borne illness? If you have, you can join the ranks of more than 48,000,000 people who experience food poisoning each year. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 48,000,000 people get sick from food poisoning annually, with 128,000 folks being hospitalized and 3,000 people dying. It is safe to say tha…Read More

  7. Was Your Newborn Injured During Birth?

    Medical malpractice is a common type of personal injury law in New Orleans, which is unfortunate. This topic is not an easy one to discuss, and it is even harder to experience. If you or a loved one has a newborn who sustained injuries during birth, you deserve legal compensation for additional medical charges, the emotional damages, and the physical damages. It is necessa…Read More

  8. [FAQ] Things To Ask An Experienced Lawyer

    Do you have legal questions? Andry Law Group is a team full of lawyers in New Orleans who are experienced in personal injury law, mass tort litigation, trade secret law, environmental law, oil and gas royalties litigation, and class action litigation. With any case, we offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions and help you find the right legal solution to …Read More

  9. Don’t Let A Faulty Product Ruin Your Holidays

    Oh the excitement in your family’s eyes when they finally open the gift they’ve been begging for all year! It is better than any other gift that you could receive. Too bad the product malfunctioned before it even got to be used! Bummer. Despite it being the holidays, if this happens to you this season (or any time of the year for that matter), it’s time to come to An…Read More

  10. Andry Law Group: Trusted Trade Secret Lawyers in New Orleans

    Trade secrets can make or break an entrepreneur. Ideally, they make each business person into a huge success because your new idea changes the world! However, there are many steps between idea conception and said success where the trade secret can be stolen and abused. If you believe you are alone in a trade secret debacle, think again. Andry Law Group has a team of truste…Read More